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The Buzz on Wild Islay...

Islay Development Initiative's bee folk today launched Wild Islay, their own brand of beeswax products starting off with bespoke, hand made candles named after key beaches on Islay that the charity protects.

Each candle has a personality scent of its own, breathes and has a memory - we had no idea of what a live candle actually meant!

This is the first release of a truly unique set of candles, containing a genuine piece of Islay, in the beeswax contained within. Trainee Beekeeper Jason says ' It's a great use of our bees' resources and will help make the project, which isn't just about bees and the environment, more sustainable going forward. To offer more young people training and employment in making local produce? What's not to like?'

We're looking forward to expanding the range to showcase more of our fantastic Islay beaches. Watch this space!

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