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Verges Project

Islay Development Initiative, in partnership with Islay Natural History Trust, has just published their August 2019 report: “Roadside Verges Project: Floral Biodiversity and Pollinators 2017/2018”. The authors are Fiona MacGillivray and Rowan Hookham.

The 67-page report covers details of 100km of roadside verge on the Isle of Islay, surveyed for floral biodiversity, flowering abundance and pollinator usage and diversity. The roadside verges were divided into 13 routes and each route into discernible sections for recording. It includes a proposal for the future management of verges on Islay.

Funding was provided by The Botanist Foundation, a charitable entity of Bruichladdich Distillery which uses foraged botanicals from Islay in the production of its Botanist Gin.

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