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IDI releases Cornabus Forest Housing Development plan and survey to the community.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Yesterday saw a well attended series of drop in events delivered in partnership with our consultancy team (Cameron Anson - Our Island Home, Richard Heggie - Urban Animation, Oliver Chapman - OCA) and the IDI Board of Directors.

The plans for Cornabus Forest, purchased in 2018 through a Scottish Land Fund grant, were made available for community scrutiny and comment.

Several people attending were concerned that although currently housing need for their family was being met, they had little hope of their children being able to afford a house on Islay in the future. Others were unsure of how shared equity worked and we collected over 40 paper surveys at the event.

The survey is live at the moment and you can access it here -

One of the Cornabus 'mock-ups'.

The plans for Cornabus Forest Development can be viewed here - DOWNLOAD PDF

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